9th October

By October 8, 2016Puppy News

Saturday night the outside dogs were very vocal which made for a bad night’s sleep.
Sunday morning was dry but very cold everyone out, clean and fed.
Top groups all done and then I cleaned out the fridge in the garage and then the one in the kennel and swapped them over as the garage one is bigger and better for the dogs.
It was now getting hot which was nice.
I got all the chicken cut up and fed a little earlier than normal.
I fed nearly everyone before Wendy and Brian arrived to move the fridges around for me.
Our next task was to get all the apples and pears from the tree up by the top kennel down, that was a bit of a task but between us we managed to get most of them down.
Wendy took us out for lunch it was nice to get out for a while and get a cooked meal for a change.
I got home and swapped over dogs and then popped in to see Bobby and Wayne to see how the painting was going they were melting up on the scaffolding.
I sorted out a bit of washing in the house and then came back up to spend time with the dogs.
I spend the afternoon with the dogs as I made sure I had no one booked in.
Evening feeds done and then Shone and her group up to the kennel and fed.
I had a late call so a customer came at 9 pm I was concerned as I have not had Shone’s group up in my room when people have been here before and as there were 5 people I thought Shone or Voodoo may get stressed but they were brilliant and the people were really good and quiet so all went well.
After they left I finished off my dogs and did the feeds for morning and then bed.
A nice morning but cold all the kennel dogs were done and the gates were opened by 7.45 for the builders as the plasters were in early.
I locked up the gates and left the puppies out on the drive while I did the top groups.
After they were finished I had a few phone calls to catch up with.
I changed all the vet beds for the pups and then went out with Merlots group to spend time with Patti.
I got the puppy crates and cages ready in the van leads bedding and water all done ready for my outing later.
Lunch time feeds all done and then dogs all out for a good run.
I loaded up the puppies, Autumn, Winter and off we went to pick up my sisters puppy and adult dog and then down to the eye testing clinic.
Great results for my two and my sister’s adult Sheltie but not good news for her new puppy, she was blind.
Dogs all loaded back in the van and off to drop my sister’s dogs home and then back home with mine.
Evening feeds all done and morning feeds ready.
Shone’s group up and fed.
Bobby had been in for a couple of hours painting the windows.
All the bottom kennels finished by 8 am and gates open after the builders arrived I locked up and left the puppies out while I cleaned the top groups.
Shone’s yard washed and then out to pick up bones.
I got home and did email’s phone calls and changed vet beds.
Lunch time feeds done and then the meat delivery arrived.
I did some paper shredding and killed another shredder.
Evening feeds done ready and then spent a couple of hours out with the dogs.
Off to see Nath, Sophie and Laura for dinner, Nath and I took Ralph for a walk we had dinner and then home to sort out my dogs.
An autumn start to the day fresh and windy but dry.
The kennel dogs done, normal builders in and top group done.
Towels and vet beds piled up ready for another days washing.
All the outside pens washed.
Lunch time feeds done.
A quick chat with the builders and then off to Argos for another shredder as I am running out of paper for bedding.
I got home and customers arrived to see the wolf dogs as they are staying in south Devon for a holiday.
After they left I sorted out more washing and then Bobby and Wayne arrived to do some more painting.
I stayed out for half an hour and had a chat with them.
Alan is a good way through fitting the utility room; hopefully soon it can be painted.
I did the evening feeds and then put most of the dogs in for the night.
I stopped for coffee with the lads and then finished off the dogs.
All the bottom groups done and then the builders and Hannah arrived to groom the dogs.
I finished the top groups and then got started on the washing.
A couple of people booked in to see dogs for future puppies.
I cut the chicken early as I was going to have to feed in between visits.
Paper work sorted out ready for three adult bitches going out this weekend.
My first visitors had left so I started feeding and then shredded loads of paper for bedding while waiting for the next visitors.
I took up bags of food for Coosa’s group as they are eating more biscuit this time of year.
My next visitors popped in for an hour and then after they left I went out with the dogs for a while and then got the evening feeds ready.
Everyone finished and fed just Narla and Shone’s group to feed and lock up Fern.
A busy morning getting everyone done before the builders and deliveries arrived.
Gates opened and top groups finished.
Washing already on the go.
Kiro’s yard cleaned.
My first visitors arrived and then another delivery.
It was going to be a day of dogs out and fit feeding in around visits
My first customers were looking at Labrador pups, the next for wolf dogs and then cracker was off out for the day with her new owner.
Peaches went to her new home that was so sad to see her go but I am sure she will be very happy if she is not she will come home just like any of my older dogs if they don’t settle then they come home again.
Lunch time feeds done and then the next visitors arrived to look at labradoodles.
The next customers arrived before these one’s had left so they stayed for a chat and then we looked at the labradoodle pups.
After they had all gone I had an hour to get sorted out before the next people to see the Labrador pups.
I changed vet beds again and then had a quick chat with the builders to sort out material orders.
I got the evening feeds ready and then saw my last customer of the day.
After they had left I locked everyone up and then brought Shone’s group up and fed them.
A few phone calls and then finished for the night.
An early start as I had people booked in all day to see hybrids for future puppies and other pups.
Bobby was here painting.
Cracker went off for the day with David and then Biscuit went to her new home.
Kate came over and helped out for the day with pictures, feeding, washing and talking to people.
My last customer left just after 4 pm and then I had a couple of hours sorting out the dogs before evening feeding.
Everyone fed and shone’s group up for the night and finally finished just after dark.

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