2nd October

By October 1, 2016Puppy News

Sorry for the late blog this week the Wolfzone web site has exceeded its bandwidth again due to heavy traffic.
I manged to get most of the dogs out for a run and food before the rain came down.
The puppies didn’t manage to get out so I let them run around the hall and kitchen for a while.
I did the top groups and then put Shone’s group down the bottom block as it was really wet.
I made a few phone calls and then got a couple of dogs booked in for an eye test in Tavistock.
I cut up all the chicken for lunch time feeding so when I get home I can feed straight away.
I took Winter and Biscuit to the vets Winter for a swab test and Biscuit to be spayed ready for her new home in a couple of weeks’ time.
I got home and unloaded the dogs and then got everyone fed in between heavy showers.
The pups got out for a run on the drive.
I had a brief chat with Alan to see how today went as we have our labourer back for a while.
All the dogs out for another run as it has now dried up for a while I hope.
Evening feeds done and then Shone’s group up for the night.
Some of the dogs got out in the dry but most got soaked.
All the top group finished.
I came back down and changed the vet beds in the puppy kennels.
None of the groups were going out at the moment it was just too wet.
I got the puppies out and played with them in the hall way, my poodle girl Seda is a crazy little monster she is so full of life and a little over the top.
I went up and cleaned out Coosa’s groups pen again as I hadn’t expected them to bother going out in the field if it was wet they normally just go inside and sleep.
A puppy left for her new home.
Lunch time feeds done some in the dry but again most got wet.
All afternoon it was dogs in and out each time the rain stopped.
Evening feeds done and then the top groups locked up.
Shone’s group up for food and then the puppies fed again.
A dry start all the kennel dogs done and then the gates opened for the builders.
Next was washing on and then the top groups done, Coosa’s pen needed disinfecting and hosing.
I finished them and then came down and swapped dogs over on the drive.
Next was a visit from a very nice couple from Bristol to meet Autumns litter.
After we had a chat and sorted out collection dates they left and I let dogs out and cut up the chicken ready for lunch time feeds.
Everyone fed and then more washing done I was expecting rain as it was overcast so I brought the vet beds in.
I spent time out with the dogs and then had half an hour in the house just sorting out a few bits.
Evening feeds ready and dogs swapped around.
I needed to get paper work ready for eye testing next week.
All the dogs had another run out in the field before the rain.
As it was now really wet I went back in to the house to do some tiding up to get a little straighter for when I finally move back in.
Shone’s group had to eat down the bottom block as it was too wet for them up at the kennel.
I woke up in the night feeling cold this may have been due to Voodoo was laying on my bed but what I hadn’t realised he had eaten most of the stuffing out of my duvet and ripped a big hole in the cover, he is so quiet I rarely hear him doing something in the night.
All the dogs done some got wet and then the top groups finished, I washed Ferns pen as it was dirty and then gave Shone’s group some bones.
I got the washing all folded and put away.
I had a couple of puppies to clip feet and faces.
One of the poodle pups was going to Wales’s so I got the cage ready in the van and water and blankets all ready.
Lunch time feeds all done and puppies out for a run.
I had phone calls and emails to sort out and then the grooming list for Hannah as she was in on Friday.
In the afternoon everyone was out until 4 pm and then the rain came again.
I went off to Bristol, I got caught up in the rush hour traffic and a lorry had a blow out so I was an hour and a half later than expected but thankfully I was still there 20 minutes before the people I was meeting.
I picked up my new poodle and they left with their puppy.
I briefly popped into Nathan’s on the way home and saw Sophie for 5 minutes.
I got home and sorted all my dogs out and then was on the phone for about three hours, emails done and my dogs all fed, the new bitch settled in.
A bit wet to start but nothing too bad, the kennel dogs done and then the top groups, I went out with my new bitch and spent some time with her she is a little stressed and hasn’t eaten yet so I moved her in with Merlot and Biscuit as they are both quiet.
A quick trip to the dentist as half of my tooth broke off on Wednesday evening.
I got home and cut up the chicken ready for feeding.
I tidied up and did some more cleaning in the kennel.
I started the lunch time feeding and then popped into the house to get more washing done.
I went out with Merlot and the new girl I was sat on the bench trying to get her to come to me and Merlot peed all down my back, I was not impressed he has never done anything like this before.
After a change of clothes I went back out with Patti our new girl she is a little scared and unsure of the change in her life but I am sure she will settle down soon, if not she will have to be a house dog.
I had time to play with each group of dogs and then evening feeding.
Hannah held the dogs while I did the vaccines on the 12 that were due now.
Shone’s group came up and had food and then in for the night.
I woke up to hear the rain what a great start to the day, some groups got wet but everyone was fed in their kennels as the rain was coming down so quick when all of a sudden the heavens just opened.
I did the top groups and then down to hose Kiro’s yard.
Biscuit had her new family come to visit her as she was not able to go home with them this weekend due to a large swelling from her spaying.
Bobby and Wayne arrived to paint inside the house as the weather was so wet.
Next customer didn’t turn up or bother to ring {nice people}.
I let the next lot of dogs out and then cut up the chicken.
I fed everyone which took nearly two hours as most groups eat outside, some were fed in the kennel and I hand fed Patti as she didn’t seem to have a clue what to do with raw chicken, I gave her cooked beef and tripe she loved that bless her.
Dogs were out whenever possible to try and avoid too many getting soaked I stayed around and did jobs in the office
I vaccinated the rest of the dogs that needed doing this week.
I popped in to see the painters and then got the evening feeds ready.
I locked up the top group and fed Shone’s group down the bottom block as I didn’t want them soaked.
Another week over.

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