25th September

By September 27, 2016Puppy News

A warm start we did the kennel dogs and then Dave locked Kiro and Reo away for the first time.
We cleaned the top block and put Coosa’s group into another field for an hour while Dave took the old bones out, the pack have to be moved when you take bones out or they empty all the bags out again.
Narla went around the field following Dave like a little lost lamb.
I put the puppies out and sorted out the washing.
We had breakfast and then I moved Coosa’s group back over to their field.
We moved a few bits to the house to make it easier for me when I am sorting stuff out on my own.
Bobby and Wayne arrived to paint again today.
I shredded up a couple of bags of paper for bedding.
Lunch time feeds all done and the dogs out while I went out in the paddock with the brush cutter to get the stinging nettles cut down.
Narla was by the gate watching, Coosa group were all sleeping in the back pen but when they heard the brush cutter they all came out and stood watching, they are all really good with Narla laying by the gate right next to their field, there is a double fence so they cannot get hold of her ears or tail while she is so close to them.
After I had finished the paddock I didn’t feel like any more strimming as it was hot so I spent time with the dogs much more fun.
After being outside for an hour or more I hoovered in the kennel and washed the floors.
I shredded another bag of paper for spare bedding.
Evening feeds ready and then I cleaned ears on dogs.
I had cooked a big pan of beef for everyone for the next morning’s breakfast so I cut it all up and then fed everyone.
All the dogs were in by 7.30
All the dogs in the kennel done and gates open for Alan to get in.
Alan in gates locked and puppies out on the drive while I did the top groups.
After they were finished it was only a short time before it rained so I disinfected the front pen and then power washed it in the pouring rain.
I cut up the meat for lunch time feeds and left it in the fridge while I did some sorting out in the house for an hour.
Nathan arrived to do some electrics with Tommy I had 2 minutes to show him what was going where in the utility room and then Dan arrived to have a chat about wolf dogs.
I fed everyone in the rain half of the dogs ate in the hall way and then out for a quick wee.
Next David arrived to take Cracker out for a walk.
Next Jay and his friend arrived to pick up their poodle puppies, so the day was full on with constant phone calls.
Everyone had gone by 4 ish and I finished off my dogs and went out and picked up loads for meat for the dogs.
I got home and did the feeding and then had dinner.
I brought Shone’s group up and it was still raining.
Everyone out and finished in the kennel and then all fed lamb when they came back in.
Top groups done and fed out in the field and kennels cleaned.
Puppies were out on the drive eating lamb.
I spent an hour doing bits in the house.
I got the new freezer turned on ready for the chicken delivery today.
An hour on paper work and then the lunch time feeds done.
I spent time out with the dogs and then had a few minutes to see the builder.
Evening feeds done and then up to see Nath, Laura and Sophie.
I got home and fed everyone and locked up the top groups, Kiro out Fern fed and Shone’s group up to the kennel.
All the dogs from the kennel out fed and cleaned the top group done and then the builders arrived.
I went shopping and when I got home the plumber had also arrived.
I swapped over dogs and sorted out the shopping.
Next was to sort out some more paper work for a couple of hours.
Lunch time feeds done and puppies out on the drive.
Dogs changed over in the field.
I spent some time out with the puppies and then got the evening feeds done.
Shone’s group came up just before 7 pm and had their dinner.
Everyone locked up for the night.
After a very wet night I was grateful the rain had stopped.
All the kennel dogs were cleaned fed and exercised.
Top groups done and then Hannah arrived to groom, the builders arrived.
I had a trip to the builder’s merchants as the plumber had not connected up the water to the top kennels.
Alan sorted out the water for me and then he carried on with plaster boarding.
I ordered more vaccines and then did the vaccines that were due now.
Hannah held the puppies while I did them.
I spent another two hours doing paper work and then the lunch time feeds.
The afternoon I had one visitor booked in to see puppies after they left I had a few phone calls to catch up with and then time out with the dogs.
Evening feeding done and hone’s group up and fed.
A really cold start to the morning, everyone finished and the top groups done.
The washing is out and then the vet beds piled up ready for washing.
Paper work done for the puppy leaving.
I brought Autumn my Labrador into the kennel as she is due to whelp next week and hasn’t been down here for a while so she is in with Winter until she has pups.
I briefly saw Alan the builder and sorted out a few bits for early next week as I am booked in the vets with a bitch for spaying on Monday morning.
The puppy has gone to her new home.
I have moved my poodle in with the little poodle boys, and the cockapoo boy that was company for my poodle Seda has now moved in with two labradoodle girls that I may keep.
This gives me a spare kennel for a while.
Lunch time feeding nearly finished and a customer arrived to see the Csv’s they were hoping to breed one of my boys with their dog and looking at the possibility of a female pup.
After they left I finished feeding and then spent all afternoon sorting out paper work for my accounts.
I did the evening feeds and brought the dogs in and fed Shone’s group.
A very grey morning I was worried it was going to rain before I had got everyone out and cleaned but thankfully it just stayed looking over cast.
I finished the kennels and then did the top groups.
I had a few visitors so gates open and people time for a while.
Viccy came up to pick up meat and stayed for much longer than she expected.
Lunch time feeds done and then Kirsty and Jess arrived with loads of meat and stayed for coffee as Jess likes to see the dogs and check out the puppies.
Next Autumn started whelping this was unexpected she wasn’t due for another four to five days.
I sorted out the first pup and then left Viccy to carry on with her while I sorted out her rest of the dogs and got everyone where it was easy to get them out.
I fed everyone and then the puppies were fed.
Shone’s group came up to the kennel and then the heavens opened and this continued.
Viccy left after pup number 7 was born as the weather was awful for driving.
I was so pleased she was here.
The rain continued right through the night until 5 am the noise was horrendous.

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