17th October

By October 17, 2016Puppy News

This week has been so busy to make it easier I am just going to do a summary of the week rather than day by day.
Sunday was good I had the morning to myself with time to spend with the dogs.
The afternoon I had a couple of people booked in to see the hybrids and spend time with them.
The morning was full on I got everyone done and sorted out the builders.
Vicci came up with Buck and we were cleaning and power washing most of the day.
We didn’t stop much for coffee it was just constant.
Kirsty popped in with Lupus to have his nails cut and she helped us hold Buck for his nails that might sound easy but it took an hour to do the pair of them.
Had some things to sort out with the web site as it has just been updated.
I am thinking Taska could be coming into season as she has been really hard on Aimie when Aimie took Coosa’s food Taska gave her a severe scuffing and wouldn’t let up very quickly.

After Vicky left I went off to see Nath and Sophie.
I was busy with people on the phone most of the morning and then a quick bath as my neck was really hurting.
My next job was to get the cages sorted out in the van ready to go up to Worcester to meet up with Racheal to drop off a poodle pup and pick up Enya.
After the day’s work was finished I drove up to Worcestershire and met up with Rach and had dinner, I brought Enya home and Rach took my poodle puppy up to hers for the night to be picked up by his new owner.
I finally got home at midnight as part of the motorway was closed, I finished my dogs at 1.30 am and then bed.
Second fix electrics in the house for the utility room, the painter was also here.
I had a couple of people booked in to visit the dogs and then Anna came over for the afternoon.
My internet started playing up I thought it was something and nothing but no obviously not.
I had a couple of visits booked in for mid and late afternoon.

All the dogs were finished early as I wanted to get hold of my internet providers as the internet had been really slow and kept dropping out.
I contacted them and they couldn’t get it sorted so I went into town and bought a new router this didn’t help the issue so bt were informed to get an engineer out as soon as possible.
Hence no internet all weekend.
I had a few people booked in to see dogs for the weekend so Jacqui was checking my emails for me.
We had very heavy rain so the dogs were in for most of the later part of the morning and early afternoon.
When the rain finally stopped everyone was fed and had a run.
I was shredding newspaper and tiding up in the kennel.
We had a lot of rain until about 4 Pm when it dried up and everyone got out again.
The rain was so heavy when I got up I took Shone’s group straight down to the bottom block with Fern and left them undercover.
I finished the top kennels and then came back down and picked up in the drive ready for a customer coming to visit his puppy.
All the re home girls from the last few weeks are doing really well, no problems with any of them so far.
I was doing the lunch time feeds I had intended to just leave Merlot and Patti in the front pen as the sky man was coming to put the dish back up somehow I forgot and let them out onto the drive within a few seconds they were mating right in the middle of the drive I had my fingers crossed they would be finished before he arrived.
Just in time the mating was over and gave me a few minutes to spare before the sky people arrived.
I had one other family view dogs in the later part of the afternoon and then evening feeding and lock up.

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