Our mini labradoodle puppies for sale are only produced from fully health screened KC registered parents and are BVA eye tested and DNA optigen tested for progressive retinal atrophy.

Labradoodles were first produced in Australia in the 1990’s when it was discovered that the puppies were non-shedding, however, in the UK breeders cannot totally guarantee that their puppies will be Non-shedding as the parentage of both breeds are major factors in texture. F1 pups will shed some coat, F1 b pups are much less likely to shed, as the coat is curly.

Labradors and poodles are both good family pets. When you cross the two you will have the ultimate family pet, genetically sound, fun, loving, spirited with good characters. Labradoodles are easily maintained and trained; they have superior intelligence, which is why they are used for assistance and seizure alert dogs as well as guide dogs for the blind.

Health issues can still occur within the breed so it is essential that you only buy your puppy from BVA hip scored and eye tested parents when buying an f1. Puppies from F1 bs should be from eye-tested parents.

Puppies will be micro chipped, wormed and insured with advice notes and puppy packs.

Labradoodle pups

F1 Mini Labradoodle bitch
PRA clear by DNA

F1 Mini Labradoodle bitch
PRA clear by DNA





The girls

Mini Labradoodle pups

Mini Labradoodle pups